Task List

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1.1 pt A selfie.
2.2 ptsA selfie with a friend.
3.1 pt A selfie with your parents or guardians.
4.2 ptsA selfie with a grandparent.
5.5 ptsHolding a baby.
6.2 ptsHolding a sonogram image of a baby.
7.2 ptsSitting down, holding twin babies.
8.2 ptsSitting with a set of grand parents.
9.3 ptsSitting with a set of great-grand parents.
10.1 pt Showing us two thumbs up!
11.2 ptsSpell the word "LIFE" using at least 20 shoes.
12.3 ptsBeing carried by two other friends.
13.4 ptsDressed as a pro-life scarecrow.
14.1 pt Pretending to be asleep under a shady tree.
15.1 pt Holding a teddy bear that has a pro-life t-shirt on.
16.1 pt Holding your state flag up high.
17.2 ptsHolding an American flag up high.
18.2 ptsJuggling three balls (all three balls in photo must be suspended in the air).
19.3 ptsPaint a pro-life message on your face.
20.3 ptsShowing your pro-life t-shirt collection.
21.6 ptsDecorate a cake, cupcakes or cookies that spell out LIFE IS PRECIOUS.
22.10 ptsStanding next to a just married bride and groom still in their gown and suit.
23.5 ptsChalk a pro-life message on a sidewalk.
24.6 ptsStanding with your pastor.
25.1 pt Sitting with a dog in your lap.
26.1 pt Sitting with a cat in your lap.
27.2 ptsHolding a parakeet on your finger.
28.4 ptsHolding a parrot (not a parakeet) on your arm.
29.2 ptsHolding a frog or toad in your hand.
30.2 ptsHolding a domesticated snake.
31.2 ptsHolding a baby chick or duckling.
32.3 ptsFeeding a carrot to a rabbit.
33.4 ptsHolding a basket of kittens.
34.4 ptsPetting a live owl.
35.3 ptsFeeding a goat.
36.3 ptsHolding an animal that is both black and white.
37.3 ptsSitting with a solid black dog and a solid white dog at the same time.
38.4 ptsStanding at the entrace to a red barn.
39.5 ptsPushing a large round (not square) bale of hay.
40.2 ptsHolding a fish that is large enough to require two hands.
41.3 ptsStanding next to an adult Great Dane.
42.3 ptsStanding next to a dog that is sitting next to a fire hydrant.
43.3 ptsPointing to a framed painting, hanging on a wall, that has a horse in it.
44.3 ptsHolding a duckling.
45.3 ptsHolding a rooster.
46.3 ptsPointing to a turtle.
47.5 ptsStanding next to someone holding a live lobster or crab.
48.6 ptsHolding a fishing rod with a fish that you just caught.
49.6 ptsRiding a horse or a pony.
50.6 ptsRiding in a horse-drawn carriage.
52.1 pt Washing the dishes.
53.1 pt Taking out the trash.
54.2 ptsPlaying a musical instrument of choice.
55.3 ptsEating a piece of pizza and stretching the cheese out to arms length.
56.3 ptsSharing a "Twizzler" with a friend or family member.
57.4 ptsUsing peas, carrots and corn, make a pro-life message on a plate.
58.2 ptsMake a paper/plastic cup pyramid using at least 45 cups.
59.4 ptsPulling a "sock rope" out of a clothes dryer.
60.3 ptsSitting upside down on your couch with two other people.
61.2 ptsPeering into an open refrigerator.
62.1 pt Hanging from a tree branch with both hands and your feet off the ground.
63.3 ptsPlaying hopscotch with 2 or more friends.
64.3 ptsPlaying 4-square with 3 other people.
65.2 ptsPlaying UNO with 1 or more persons.
66.3 ptsVacuuming the yard.
67.2 ptsLaying on your living room floor with three friends in the shape of a square.
68.1 pt Putting your socks on.
69.2 ptsSetting the dinner table.
70.3 ptsCaught in a Chinese finger trap.
71.2 ptsTaking a bite out of a chocolate-glazed donut.
73.6 ptsHolding a handmade "LIFE DEFENDER" shield.
74.4 ptsPlaying a board game with your family and/or friends.
75.3 ptsSitting in the center of a loop of a model train set.
76.5 ptsAbout to push over the first of at least 25 dominoes.
77.4 ptsLaying down in a ball-pit.
78.3 ptsKicking a soccer ball (ball should be in the air) to a goal being tended by a goalie.
79.3 ptsThrowing a football (ball should be in the air).
80.5 ptsHolding a bow and arrow.
81.4 ptsPretending to row a boat while in an empty bathtub, wearing pirate eye patch.
82.4 ptsSaying a pro-life message written on a mirror in a dialogue bubble.
83.2 ptsPlanking.
84.3 ptsRollerskating or Rollerblading.
85.3 ptsRiding a tricycle.
86.3 ptsRiding a pogo stick.
87.3 ptsRiding a skateboard or scooter.
88.6 ptsWashing a car. Really wash it, not just a staged photo.
89.2 ptsIn an infinite mirror reflection.
90.2 ptsDoing a situp (take photo when you are almost in the upright position).
91.4 ptsShowing us the popular "Karate Kid" stance.
92.4 ptsShowing us the popular "Hadouken" stance with a large rock as your target.
93.2 ptsPulling a slice of pizza out of a whole pizza with cheese still connecting it.
94.2 ptsEating from the cereal box.
95.2 ptsMake a "round" sandwich and take a bite of out it.
96.3 ptsFlipping a pancake.
97.2 ptsPouring water from one cup to another (cups connected by water in photo).
98.4 ptsPouring water from one cup to another to another (cups connected by water in photo).
99.3 ptsSitting in a canoe.
100.3 ptsSitting in a kayak.
101.3 ptsSitting in a paddle boat.
102.3 ptsSitting on a full-sized boat (at least 12 feet long).
103.3 ptsSwinging from a rope (both feet must be in the air).
104.6 ptsBeing soaked by a water hose.
105.3 ptsMake a triangle using rope and three trees and stand in the middle.
106.2 ptsDipping a cookie in milk.
107.2 ptsEating fruit salad.
108.2 ptsMilk-mustasche
109.3 ptsMake a triangle using rope and three people and stand in the middle.
110.3 ptsJumping in double-dutch.
111.2 ptsFlossing your teeth.
112.2 ptsJumping rope inside a chalk-drawn heart on the sidewalk.
113.1 pt Make a pig-nose face.
114.2 ptsLicking a lollipop.
115.4 ptsHolding an egg using chopsticks.
116.4 ptsHolding an object, that you found in your house, that is older than you are.
117.2 ptsStanding in the back of a pickup truck (non-moving) with your hands in the air.
118.5 ptsLaying down in your lawn and make a heart shape with your friends.
119.3 ptsLaying down in your lawn and spell LIVE with your friends.
120.1 pt Rolling your eyes.
121.3 ptsUsing a hoe in the garden.
122.1 pt Sitting in a comfortable chair, reading a book.
123.5 ptsCreate a set of 3 pro-life Easter eggs.
124.3 ptsDraw a color picture of your state flower and state bird.
125.2 ptsUpside down hand eye goggles.
126.2 ptsLaying in a hammock.
127.1 pt Using a watering can.
128.3 ptsHelping a child plant a flower.
129.2 ptsUsing three hula-hoops at the same time.
130.4 ptsInside a tent that is setup outdoors.
131.4 ptsMake a fort out of chairs and blankets.
132.3 ptsSitting on a wooden fence.
133.6 ptsStanding at a local landmark in your area.
134.3 ptsAt a grocery store squeezing a package of toilet paper.
135.3 ptsAt a grocery store showing us your favorite brand of ice cream.
136.3 ptsAt a store, holding a box of "LIFE" cereal.
137.3 ptsAt a library holding a copy of "LIFE" magazine.
138.3 ptsInside an antique store.
139.3 ptsAt a music store store playing a guitar.
140.3 ptsAt a music store sitting at a drum set.
141.4 ptsAt the barber or beauty shop getting a haircut.
142.3 ptsAt a sporting goods store holding a hockey stick.
143.3 ptsAt a sporting goods store holding three different types of balls.
144.3 ptsAt a sporting goods store holding a fishing rod.
146.3 ptsAt a clothing store standing next to a mannequin.
147.5 ptsAt a clothing store standing next to a mannequin that has a pro-life t-shirt on.
148.3 ptsAt a clothing store giving a thumbs down to something you would never wear.
149.1 pt Holding a pomegranate.
150.4 ptsAt a pet store point to a fish tank that has snails.
151.3 ptsAt a restaurant standing next to a jukebox.
152.4 ptsIn a parking lot, help a stranger with their shopping bags.
153.3 ptsAt a grocery store, pushing a shopping cart in the produce area.
154.4 ptsAt a toy store holding a baby doll.
155.5 ptsAt a store, holding at least 5 inflated, helium balloons.
156.4 ptsAt a store entrace, holding a door open for a stranger.
157.5 ptsAt a free-standing (not in another store) bakery, pointing to a delicious treat you would like to eat.
158.3 ptsAt a store, find an hold up two things that should never be used together.
159.2 ptsAt a store, find an hold up two things that should always be used together.
160.2 ptsAt the Pregnancy/Child Care section of a bookstore.
161.3 ptsAt a store, standing in front of a 60" or larger TV.
162.3 ptsAt a store, appearing on a TV screen.
163.4 ptsAt a game store, playing a game on their demo console.
164.5 ptsAt a car dealership, in the drivers seat of a new, domestic car with the door open.
165.5 ptsAt a car dealership, in the drivers seat of a new, import car, with the door open.
166.3 ptsPlaying on an actual Dance, Dance Revolution (DDR) arcade game.
167.3 ptsAt a store or restaurant playing a full-sized arcade game (not DDR).
168.3 ptsAt a store or restaurant playing a full-sized pinball machine.
169.6 ptsPreparing to putt at a miniature golf course.
170.6 ptsStanding in line to buy tickets for a movie.
171.6 ptsRiding an elevator with glass walls (take photograph from outside elevator)
172.3 ptsRiding an escalator going up while holding an open umbrella.
173.3 ptsRiding an escalator going down while looking through a paper towel roll.
174.6 ptsReleasing a bowling ball down the alley.
175.4 ptsStanding next to a full-sized TARDIS.
177.8 ptsStanding at a hibachi grill with the hibachi grill chef.
178.4 ptsUsing chopsticks to take a bite of any type of sushi or sashimi.
179.5 ptsStanding in front of a mini-golf lighthouse or windmill that is taller than you.
180.5 ptsStanding in front of a real lighthouse.
181.6 ptsStanding in line at a fast food restaurant.
182.6 ptsSitting at a table at an indoor food court (can not be the same as outdoor food court).
183.6 ptsSitting at a table at an outdoor food court (can not be the same as indoor food court).
184.4 ptsStanding next to a movie poster of a movie that you want to see with thumbs up.
186.3 ptsMaking a call at a public pay phone.
187.3 ptsUsing a automated DVD/Movie rental kiosk.
188.4 ptsAsking for a sample at a frozen yogurt establishment.
189.2 ptsCurling two dumbells.
190.4 ptsPlaying a game of chess at a local coffee shop.
191.6 ptsGangnam-style 4 friends.
192.3 ptsPlaying cards with 3 friends.
193.4 ptsAt a Zoo or Aquarium.
194.5 ptsIn the center of a planetarium.
195.4 ptsOne hand on an evergreen tree and the other on a coniferous tree.
196.2 ptsHolding a pine cone that is at least 5" long.
197.3 ptsStanding in a patch of live (green) bamboo.
198.2 ptsRiding a swing.
199.3 ptsPushing a child on a swing.
200.3 ptsSliding down a slide.
201.2 ptsClimbing on a playground climbing wall.
202.3 ptsHanging from a playground bar.
203.2 ptsSitting at the high point on a see-saw.
204.2 ptsSitting at the low point on a see-saw.
205.2 ptsRiding a playground animal.
206.5 ptsRiding a merry-go-round horse.
207.3 ptsSpell "LIFE" on the ground using sticks.
208.3 ptsOn a tree stump with both your hands and feet touching it.
209.3 ptsStanding next to a creek or stream (visible in background).
210.3 ptsWaving from a tree house.
211.3 ptsStanding on a bridge that spans water (water should be visible).
212.3 ptsShooting a basketball at a full-sized basketball hoop (ball in the air).
213.3 ptsSetting a volleyball (volleyball net must be visible).
214.3 ptsRolling a basketball and a soccerball down a slide at the same time.
215.4 ptsRunning on an oval track and field track.
216.4 ptsHaving a picnic with a blanket and picnic basket.
217.2 ptsRiding a tire-swing.
218.4 ptsPulling a child in a red wagon.
219.5 ptsStanding on the 50-yard line of a football field.
220.3 ptsServing a tennis ball on a tennis court.
221.3 ptsFlying a kite.
222.2 ptsThrowing a frisbee.
223.3 ptsWalking down a wooded trail.
224.3 ptsHolding 5 leaves from 5 different types of trees.
225.4 ptsThe top person in a three person pyramid.
226.6 ptsThe top person in a six person pyramid.
227.8 ptsIn front or inside of any of the 113 United States National Monuments
228.3 ptsStanding at hiking trail mile-marker.
229.4 ptsSpell "LIFE" in sand with letters that are at least 4 feet in length.
230.15 ptsStanding with a Park Ranger in uniform.
231.2 ptsHolding a "Simon" game with the green light on.
233.2 ptsRiding a "Big Wheel" or a "Green Machine."
235.2 ptsHolding two 8-track cassettes, one in each hand
237.2 ptsListening to a "Walkman."
238.2 ptsDraw a pro-life message on a "Lite-Brite."
239.2 ptsStanding next to a car of a specific model name that is no longer being produced.
240.2 ptsHolding a 1st generation iPhone.
241.2 ptsTearing a telephone book in half.
242.2 ptsLoading a piece of paper into a non-electric typewriter.
243.2 ptsHolding something from a defunct professional sports team.
244.2 ptsPlaying a game of corn-hole with friends.
245.2 ptsHolding a copy of a Calvin and Hobbes book.
246.3 ptsHolding an AOL installation floppy disk or CD.
247.3 ptsHolding a Crayola 64 box.
248.3 ptsHolding something original that has the Wonder Bread logo on it.
249.3 ptsThumb-wrestling with one of your parents.
250.3 ptsHolding a piece of clothing that has been handed down at least three times.
251.3 ptsIn front of your local animal shleter.
252.3 ptsPlaying air hockey.
253.5 ptsStanding in front of a Chick-fil-a.
254.5 ptsStanding in front of a Hobby Lobby.
255.5 ptsIn front of an airport luggage carousel with a confused look on your face.
256.5 ptsStanding outside a store that starts with the letter "J."
257.5 ptsStanding outside a store that starts with a number.
258.4 ptsShow us the "2nd Vote" app on your phone or tablet (http://2ndvote.com).
261.5 ptsStanding outside a Burger King, pointing to their logo.
262.5 ptsStanding outside a Taco Bell, pointing to their logo.
263.5 ptsStanding outside a 7-11, pointing to their logo.
264.5 ptsStanding outside a Target, pointing to their logo.
265.5 ptsStanding outside a Walmart, pointing to their logo.
266.5 ptsStanding outside a local post office, pointing to the USPS logo.
269.8 ptsAt Burger King, standing with the manager.
270.8 ptsAt Taco Bell, standing with the manager.
271.8 ptsAt 7-11, standing with the manager.
272.8 ptsAt Target, standing with the manager.
273.5 ptsAt Walmart, standing with the manager.
274.3 ptsIn front of a store that uses the "Papyrus" font in its name
275.4 ptsLike the ALL Facebook page and show it to us on your computer or mobile device.
276.4 ptsLike the NPLTW Facebook page and show it to us on your computer or mobile device.
277.4 ptsFollow ALL on Twitter and show it to us on your computer or mobile device.
278.4 ptsFollow ALL on Instagram and show it to us on your computer or mobile device.
279.4 ptsLike the Celebrate Life Magazine Facebook page and show it to us on your computer or mobile device.
280.4 ptsHolding a copy of Celebrate Life Magazine.
281.4 ptsOutside an ice cream stand holding a sign that says "#NPLTW. 4 Points."
282.4 ptsFind a book that has a photo of Margaret Sanger (open book to photo).
283.4 ptsHolding a copy of a book by Judie Brown.
284.4 ptsHolding a piece of paper that has the year ALL was founded.
285.15 ptsStanding with the administrator of a local pregnancy care center at the pregnancy care center.
286.15 ptsStanding with the administrator of a local food bank at the food bank.
287.5 ptsHolding a sign that says "Abortion" under a STOP sign.
288.5 ptsStanding next to the maternity ward sign at a hospital.
289.2 ptsHolding a copy of the Declaration of Independence.
290.6 ptsGreeting someone at the front desk of your local community center (i.e. YMCA).
291.6 ptsSpell the word "LIFE" using paper in a chain link fence (clean up after you are done).
292.4 ptsDress up as a pro-life superhero.
293.4 ptsPosting a NPLTW poster on a community board.
294.6 ptsStanding at a street corner that has a stop light when the light is yellow.
295.6 ptsStanding at a pedestrian crosswalk sign.
296.4 ptsBrowsing at a flea market.
297.6 ptsStanding next to a "Drug Free Zone" sign.
298.5 ptsJumping rope in an elevator (floor buttons should be visible behind you).
299.5 ptsTalking to the attendant of an information kiosk at a mall.
300.5 ptsUsing a piece of exercise equipment at a gym.
301.3 ptsHolding a copy of October Baby on DVD or Blu-ray.
302.3 ptsHolding a copy of Bella on DVD or Blu-ray.
303.3 ptsSitting on a leapord-print ottoman.
304.3 ptsHolding a Michael Jackson "Thriller" LP.
305.3 ptsNext to a sad clown depicted on black velvet.
306.4 ptsStanding next to a speed limit sign that has a fractional speed.
307.3 ptsStanding next to a house number that is a single digit.
308.4 ptsHolding a pre-made balloon that has the word LIFE on it.
309.3 ptsStanding with an entrance to a tunnel visible behind you.
311.3 ptsStanding next to a suit of armor.
312.3 ptsStanding next to a vowel (not hand-drawn) that is at least 2 feet tall.
313.3 ptsStanding next to a vehicle that has no doors.
314.3 ptsStanding somewhere with a railroad crossing sign behind you.
315.4 ptsSitting in the cockpit of a construction vehicle (i.e. a bulldozer).
316.4 ptsPointing to a full-sized millstone.
317.4 ptsPointing to a functioning, full-sized water wheel.
318.4 ptsStanding next to a full-sized, 100% electric car (i.e Tesla, Leaf).
319.4 ptsStanding next to a hybrid car that is NOT a Prius.
320.3 ptsStanding next to a gumball machine.
321.4 ptsHolding a dragon fruit.
322.5 ptsStanding next to a blue mailbox drop.
323.5 ptsStanding next to a change kiosk (a change dispenser or coin counter).
324.5 ptsStanding next to a life-sized statue of a woman.
325.5 ptsStanding next to a life-sized statue of a man.
326.3 ptsHolding a Transformer in robot form.
327.3 ptsNext to a statue of the Virgin Mary.
328.5 ptsStanding in a life-sized chess/checker board.
329.5 ptsStanding next to a wheel/tire that is taller than you are.
330.6 ptsFind a pro-life license plate that is not yours. Please obscure at least 1/2 of the numbers.
331.4 ptsStanding next to a car with no wheels.
333.4 ptsStanding under a street sign that starts and ends in a vowel.
334.3 ptsStanding on a path that has a Herringbone pattern.
335.3 ptsStanding next to a potted bamboo arrangement.
336.3 ptsHolding an orchid that has pink or purple blooms.
337.3 ptsHolding roses of three distinct colors at the same time.
338.4 ptsNext to a full-size cardboard cutout of an Avenger.
339.4 ptsInside the cab of an 18-wheeler pulling the horn.
340.3 ptsSitting inside the doorway of a pop-up camper.
341.6 ptsNext to a life-sized Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus.
342.3 ptsShaking hands with a human skeleton.
343.3 ptsStanding in the driveway of an A-frame house.
344.2 ptsHolding a ball that is red, white, and blue.
345.3 ptsHolding a Tazmanian Devil car mat or mud flaps.
346.4 ptsSitting in a pulled rickshaw
347.4 ptsStanding on the bottom step of stairs that go nowhere
348.3 ptsHolding or wearing the Saint Michael the Archangel High School logo.
349.3 ptsHolding or wearing the 40 Days for Life logo.
350.3 ptsHolding or wearing the Benham Brothers logo.
351.3 ptsHolding or wearing the LifeSiteNews logo.
352.3 ptsHolding or wearing the Life Issues Institute, Inc. logo.
353.3 ptsHolding or wearing the Life Guardian Foundation logo.
354.3 ptsHolding or wearing the Coffee with Robyn logo.
355.4 ptsHolding or wearing the ALL logo.
356.4 ptsHolding or wearing the STOPP logo.
357.3 ptsHolding or wearing the Pro-Life Wisconsin logo.
359.4 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Beating Around the Bush."
360.4 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Four score and seven years ago."
361.4 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Wake up and smell the coffee."
363.4 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Jack of All Trades Master of None."
364.4 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "A Man of Few Words."
365.4 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Back to Square One."
366.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Working like a dog."
367.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "What is this and why does this exist?"
368.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "I have twelve of them."
369.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "People eat this?"
370.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "This one goes to eleven."
371.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Greater than the sum of two halves."
372.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Over, yet under."
373.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Run like the wind."
374.5 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Paranoid Athelete."
375.6 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Dressed to the nines."
376.6 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Optomistic Pirate."
377.6 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Pick the low hanging fruit."
378.6 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "On the wrong side of the tracks."
379.6 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "The whole nine yards."
381.6 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "The world is your oyster."
382.6 ptsExemplifying the phrase: "Forced Perspective."
383.2 ptsHolding a fork with a cork on it while wearing an eye patch.
385.3 ptsPut a strawberry inside an apple.
386.5 ptsWearing a watermelon helmet.
387.2 ptsHolding a polaroid picture of yourself.
388.4 ptsMake pro-life art with a piece of paper and a stapler.
389.2 ptsTake a bite out of an onion.
390.2 ptsDrink water from the wrong side of the glass.
391.2 ptsUsing a remote to try and mute a friend or sibling.
393.2 ptsPut 5 straws together and try to drink something with it.
394.2 ptsHolding a real fencing mask, foil and epee.
395.5 ptsAt a church, standing next to a car that says "Just Married." (not staged)
396.3 ptsStanding next to a stack of books that is taller than you are.
397.3 ptsUsing a pottery wheel.
398.2 ptsLaying down on a flat surface, surrounded by small objects.
399.1 pt Holding 2 yard sticks in the shape of an "L".
400.2 ptsStanding in the middle of a used tire holding a spoon.
401.4 ptsStanding next to two people that have braces and are smiling.
402.6 ptsSitting on a park bench wearing flippers, scuba mask and snorkel.
403.2 ptsWearing your t-shirt backwards and looking at camera through a hand-held mirror.
404.3 ptsSitting on the floor in the middle of your local indoor mall.
405.5 ptsPretending to play tug of war (with no rope) with at least 3 of your friends at the mall.
406.3 ptsWearing 6 watches, 3 on each arm.
407.4 ptsHolding a rainbow of color swatches from the paint department of a hardware store.
408.2 ptsHolding a CD by your favorite Pro-Life artist/band.
409.3 ptsJumping into a pile of leaves.
410.2 ptsThrowing a paper airplane while standing in the sunroof of a car.
411.2 ptsStanding on one foot, balancing a book on your head, and holding a stuffed animal.
412.7 ptsCreate an alphabetical row of 26 books with titles that start with each letter A-Z.
413.3 ptsPlaying with a cat using a corded computer mouse.
414.3 ptsPerforming a cartwheel through a lawn sprinkler.
415.4 ptsStanding in the center of three pre-existing, concentric circles.
416.4 ptsMake a Lego creation with a pro-life message.
417.5 ptsAt a clothing store, trying on 4 belts at the same time.
418.2 ptsEating ice cream with french fries.
419.3 ptsUsing two different types of objects, make a table look like a piano keyboard.
420.3 ptsParticipating in a human wheel-barrow race.
421.3 ptsParticipating in a potato-sack race.
422.4 ptsDraw a pro-life message (at least 4 feet-square) on a chalkboard.
423.2 ptsPretending to climb an invisible ladder.
424.2 ptsStanding on a wooden platform of some kind while holding a wooden spoon up into the air.
425.4 ptsAt a laptop or computer in an electronics store opened to http://npltw.com.
426.3 ptsDancing in a puddle of water.
427.2 ptsStanding between soccer goal posts with your foot on a soccer ball.
428.3 ptsListening to a baby in the womb.
429.2 ptsLimbo.
430.3 ptsSitting in a pew at church.
431.2 ptsStanding with a sunrise/sunset in the background.
432.3 ptsSitting at a table with a real mahjong set.
433.2 ptsBlowing a whistle while holding your arm out in a STOP gesture.
434.2 ptsBalancing a bowl of some kind on top of a broom stick.
435.3 ptsShushing a friend at the library (we must be able to tell you are in a library).
438.1 pt Peeling a potato.
439.2 ptsSwinging from monkey bars (hands not on the same bar, feet not touching the ground).
440.4 ptsWith a Krispy Kreme hat on in front of the Hot Donuts sign while it is on.
441.5 ptsNext to a sand castle that is at least 2 feet high or 4 feet wide.
442.3 ptsA photo from a 2nd story window of you standing in your lawn, serenading with a guitar.
443.6 ptsAt the front desk of a hotel lobby.
444.8 ptsOperating a pro-life lemonade stand in your neighborhood.
445.4 ptsStanding with a cheerleader in uniform.
447.3 ptsStanding in the doorway of a boxcar.
448.2 ptsStanding at the back of a train caboose.
449.2 ptsPopping out of a cardboard box.
450.6 ptsStanding with a mall security guard who is pointing at your t-shirt.
451.3 ptsStanding next to a sundial.
452.3 ptsHolding sand in one and and ice in the other.
453.4 ptsSending a slinky down a spiral staircase.
454.3 ptsWith a license plate having the numbers 1, 2 and 3.
455.3 ptsWith a license plate having the letters A, B and C.
456.1 pt One hand behind your head, the other on your hip.
457.1 pt Showing the American Sign Language gesture for "Life."
458.2 ptsA picture of a laptop showing a picture of you through a webcam.
459.2 ptsStuff your shirt with as much newspaper as you can.
460.2 ptsStanding in front of an outdoor fountain.
461.6 ptsAt a "Welcome to" your state sign.
462.3 ptsWith a llama.
463.4 ptsBAKE a cookie shaped like a baby.
464.3 ptsBlow a bubble with chewing gum until it pops and it covers your nose.
465.3 ptsWith a lab coat, goggles and a beaker.
466.2 ptsRunning across your yard with a red cape.
467.3 ptsMilking a cow.
468.5 ptsRiding a roller coaster.
469.3 ptsPlaying tetherball with a friend.
470.3 ptsHolding a genuine Baltic Avenue property card from Monopoly.
471.1 pt Close one eye and puff up your cheeks as big as you can.
472.4 ptsSitting at a bus stop that has a bench.
473.4 ptsHolding anything related to the XFL that has the XFL or an XFL Team Logo on it.
475.2 ptsCreate an Origami 8-pointed, two-colored star: http://www.origaminut.com/202/8-point-star
476.4 ptsCreate a Yin-Yang Box: http://www.origaminut.com/199/yin-yang-box
477.6 ptsCreate the Magic Rings: http://www.origaminut.com/208/magic-rings
478.4 ptsSwinging at a golf ball at a driving range.
480.3 ptsAttach 20 clothes pins together and hold your creation with one hand.
481.3 ptsPushing a double stroller down a sidewalk or path.
482.2 ptsThrowing a deck of playing cards in the air.
483.4 ptsGetting a manicure of a pedicure at a salon.
484.20 ptsHolding a sign that says "Defund" in front of a Planned Parenthood so that it appears to say "Defund Planned Parenthood"
485.12 ptsParticipating in raising the American Flag.
486.12 ptsStanding with a member of the U.S. Armed Forces in uniform.
487.12 ptsAt an animal shelter, standing with someone that works there.
488.12 ptsStanding with a local school mascott.
489.15 ptsGiving a professional sports mascot a high-five
490.15 ptsIn a college lecture room, standing with a professor.
491.15 ptsStanding with a professional sports athelete (active or retired).
493.15 ptsStanding with a postal worker in uniform.
494.18 ptsStanding with an police officer or sheriff in uniform.
495.18 ptsStanding with the fire chief in front of a fire engine.
496.18 ptsStanding with a fireman (in gear, not the fire chief) in front of a fire engine.
497.15 ptsStanding in front of your city or town hall building.
498.25 ptsShaking hands with your Mayor or Governor at their offices.
499.25 ptsShaking hands with a member of Congress (State Level)
500.30 ptsShaking hands with a member of Congress (National Level)

As always, READ THE FAQ! Points are awarded simply as a way of measuring how much activity you have done for this contest. Points have no monetary or other value.