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2009 NPLTW Hidden Task H1

You have found a hidden task!

Periodically there will be hidden tasks that are linked to from various websites and blogs. For example, we may post a link on Facebook so make sure you are a part of the NTPLW Facebook group. We may mention it in our Pro-Life Today newsletter. Another day, we may post a link to Rock for Life's blog... Hidden tasks have a higher point value because you have to be in the right place a the right time to even know about them. If you find one, you can feel free to spread the location around, but it may work against you!

Although the ability to load your photos is not ready yet, here are a handful of tasks that you can complete today so that you are ready to load your photos when the registration system opens!

All tasks require you to be wearing a pro-life t-shirt, preferably the official 2009 NTPLW shirt.

Task # Task Description Points
H1 Taking a bite out of a hamburger. (Yes, a veggie burger counts too!) 3

Points are awarded simply as a way of measuring how much activity you have done for this contest. Points have no monetary or other value.