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Top Legal questions about CBD Oil

If you have benefitted from the use of CBD products and CBD oil, in particular, you must be anxious to know on which side of the law you are because of the confusion surrounding the use of the product. California has recently legalized the use of marijuana as a recreational drug and has allowed adults to grow six plants of cannabis and be in possession of 90 ounces of it.

Is CBD legal?

According to Federal law, all products containing Cannboidal properties are Schedule 1 substances and are illegal for regular use. It is illegal to purchase sell or possess CBD oil in any form.But each state has its own laws that govern the legality of the CBD oil. For example, in California, it can be used even for recreational purposes while in some other states it can be used only for medicinal purposes.Whether it is CBD from Marijuana or from hemp currently it is illegal to use unless for medical purposes in most states even though hemp derived CBD is non-addictive and has a lesser concentration of CBD when compared to its presence in Marijuana.

Is CBD testing mandatory?

At present testing is mandatory and is carried out in regulated laboratories only in states that have legalized the use of CBD. In all the rest of the states, the quality is not regulated.

Can a grocery store sell CBD oil now that it is legal?

Though the restrictions on medical marijuana have been lifted and CBD is allowed to treat medical conditions, it is still illegal to sell CBD oil in grocery stores, supermarkets, and other convenience stores. You require a permit to sell CBD oil.

This site helped me lowered my anxiety when I understood the legal implications of using the CBD oil and on which side of the law I am when I take these supplements.