1. If I participated before, do I have to re-register?
    No. Just request your password to be reset from the login page if you do not remember it.

  2. When does the contest start and end?
    12:01 a.m. on April 28, 2015, through 11:29 p.m. May 4, 2015. Photos cannot uploaded before the actual start time of the contest.

  3. Will I know what place I am in for the Photo Scavenger Hunt during the contest week?
    No. In order to keep the level of competition open, we are not going to be posting any type of public scoring of photos that may have already been approved. Contest results will be announced after NPLTW ends.

  4. What are the prizes?
    Check out the tentative prize list.

  5. May American Life League employees and their family members compete?
    Yes. Employees, yes, but they may not compete for prizes. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and children of employees may not compete for prizes either. Non-immediate family members of employees are allowed to compete for prizes. This means that your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and others further away from you on your family tree may compete.

  6. Can ALL employees and their family members win prizes?
    No, because ALL employees have access to the task list in advance. Since we wrote the task list, it would not be fair for an ALL employee or immediate family member to win the prizes.

  7. Do I need to buy an official 2015 National Pro-Life T-shirt Week shirt from American Life League?
    No. Although we would love it if everyone purchased an official NPLTW shirt, we do not make it a requirement. You may wear any pro-life T-shirt with this "badge" attached to it and it will count. If you do have the official 2015 NPLTW T-shirt, you do not need the badge. Just click on this image, print it, and use tape or a safety pin to attach it to your shirt.

  1. Where do I register?
    Registration Page. Click here.

  2. Where do I log in?
    Login Page. Click here.

  3. Can I use pictures of items as the real thing?
    No. If that were the case, you could do most of the tasks with your computer and a color printer. If the task asks for a picture of you with a kite, get a real kite! If the task asks for a picture of you with a hot dog, get a real hot dog!

  4. May my friends and I use the same photo?
    No. The contents of the photo that apply toward the task requirements become linked to the participant who loaded the photo. So if the task was to make a stack of books 20 books high and person A and person B are in the photo but person A loaded that photo first, then person B should not load the photo for the same task. Person B would have to break down the stack of books and create a new stack.

  5. What happens if I load a photo and it's not approved?
    In most cases we will provide a reason why your photo does not qualify for a task. If you get one of these messages, you can either upload a new image or e-mail us back and argue your case. We use a three-person panel on our side to judge cases where task completion is in question.

  6. May I use photos that I had before this contest?
    No. In order to keep the photo contest fair, we require every photo submission to contain either the official NPLTW T-shirt or a pro-life T-shirt with the Life Defender badge. Use of photos taken prior to the contest is an unfair advantage.

  7. What if I get harassed about my shirt in school, at work, or in my community?
    This is nothing new. We’ve seen it happen before and have put together a page describing what you can do to make sure nobody infringes upon your rights.

  8. Do I need to be in every photo?
    Yes, UNLESS the task specifically says that you do not need to be in the photo.

  9. Do other people in the photo need to be wearing a pro-life T-shirt?
    No, UNLESS the task specifically says that others in the photo need to be wearing a pro-life T-shirt.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is meant to be safe and fun. Do not do anything that puts anyone (yes, yourself too) at risk or in danger.